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A clear, tinted, anti-static, heat activated Cover Tape, for use with carrier tapes made of Polystyrene. AX Cover Tape is designed to adhere at various temperatures and dwell times within industry standards.
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Item #

Cover Tape Width

Carrier Tape Width

Rolls per Box

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AX053-300 N/A 5.3 mm N/A 8 mm N/A 56 Request Quote
AX092-300 N/A 92 mm N/A 12 mm N/A 32 Request Quote
AX133-300 N/A 13.3 mm N/A 16 mm N/A 22 Request Quote
AX210-300 N/A 21 mm N/A 24 mm N/A 14 Request Quote
AX213-300 N/A 21.3 mm N/A 24 mm N/A 14 Request Quote
AX255-300 N/A 25.5 mm N/A 32 mm N/A 12 Request Quote
AX375-300 N/A 37.5 mm N/A 44 mm N/A 8 Request Quote
AX495-300 N/A 49.5 mm N/A 56 mm N/A 6 Request Quote
1 - 8 of 8 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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