Tek Pak, Inc. | Advancing the Science of Thermoforming
Tek Pak, Inc. specializes in packaging for the health care industry. Our extensive experience in the health care field gives us a clear understanding of the unique needs of this industry. We have designed and produced various prototype packaging media for medical kit packers, device manufacturers and drug manufacturers. In addition, Tek Pak has even designed and produced continuous DNA testing media.
Unit of Measure

Forming and Punching Accuracy

N/A Our thermoform tooling produces thermoformed parts with near injection-molded tolerances. All molds are produced from aluminum, we use no wood or epoxy. And Tek Pak has the ability to produce hard-punch tooling to ensure state of the art punching accuracy.

Production Quality Sample Parts

N/A Tek Pak employs production level, chain fed sample thermoform presses to evaluate your prototype tooling in a production environment. Our sampling equipment utilizes top and bottom heaters, high flow vacuum and high flow form air of up to 100 psi. Your sample thermoforms are molded in aluminum prototype tooling and reflect the quality you receive from a Tek Pak production mold.


N/A We understand that time to market is crucial to the success of your product. Tek Pak measures prototyping lead times in days, not weeks. And we take great pride in our record of quick completion of our prototype projects, swiftly moving them from design stage to mold building to sample thermoform production.


N/A You can be certain that Tek Pak holds customer designs as proprietary and confidential at all times. Our security policy prohibits visitors from viewing any confidential designs, tooling or prototypes during escorted tours. And our employees are provided access to confidential materials solely on a need to know basis.

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