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Tek Pak treats all prototyping as a "rapid" service. Tek Pak understands the importance of getting to the market first with a new product. The regular lead time for carrier tape prototypes is 72 hours following the customer's approval of the design. All prototype molds are actually a regular production tool. When a production order is placed, there is no need to remake or modify the original prototype mold.

When 72 hours is not fast enough and you need new carrier tape for your prototype build within 24 hours, Tek Pak is your answer!
Unit of Measure

How it Works


  • Customer supplies a component or drawing
  • Within 2 hours, Tek Pak responds with a quote which specifies the width, pitch and major pocket dimensions of the carrier tape.
  • Within 24 hours, Tek Pak provides a CAD drawing to the customer for approval.
  • When the customer signs and Faxes the approved CAD drawing back to Tek Pak, the clock starts to tick.
  • Within 24 hours of customer approval, Tek Pak builds a production-level tool out of metal and produces two 22" reels of prototype carrier tape.
  • Tek Pak air ships the prototypes to the customer. We prefer to use FedEx. Chicago area customers will have their products delivered by one of our trucks.

The Fine Print

N/A An extra fee applies for the 24-hour service and NITRO® carrier tape prototypes. A Non Recurring Engineering (NRE) fee for all Tek Pak tooling is charged to the customer for the development of custom carrier tape molds. The tooling developed employs proprietary technology and trade secrets exclusive to Tek Pak, Inc. All custom tooling remains the property of Tek Pak. All carrier tape produced from custom molds must be approved, in writing, by the party who paid the NRE fee for the tool. All rights reserved.

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