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Tek Pak is now offering state of the art laser cutting services. Our versatile laser is great for trimming, cutting and etching parts with intricate designs that would be too expensive to do with tooled punching equipment.

Tek Pak can rapidly make intricate multi-level cuts into thermoformed and flat plastics using our 100 watt CO2 laser. Accurate and precise trimming is achieved by the small field of view (170 mm x 170 mm) and small spot size (0.2 mm). The state-of-the-art scan head reliably moves the beam as quickly as 2000 mm/s, which permits high-volume processing. In addition, our special processing method eliminates residue, which can be a problem for many plastics. We can cut plastics up to 1 mm thick.

The beauty of laser trimming is that hard tooling is eliminated in exchange for programming. For many small precise thermoformed parts, laser trimming is the best, if not the only solution. Advantages of laser trimming over traditional trim tooling are:

• High material utilization. Traditional trim tools require a certain minimum die opening spacing to maintain structural integrity. With laser trimming, there is minimal web waste for this reason, greatly improving material utilization.

• Cost and lead time reduction. Hardened punch tooling is expensive and has long lead times. This is especially true if a dense, intricate hole pattern is required. With laser trimming there are only programming and an aluminum holding fixture required, greatly reducing the cost and lead time.

• No mechanical forces applied to the part. For textured or delicate parts, traditional punch and trim tooling may damage the surface of the part due to the clamping forces required by mechanical tooling. There is only a small heat-affected zone associated with laser trimming.

• Multi-level trimming. Mechanical tooling that trims on multiple levels can be very expensive. It may also be nearly impossible to reliably trim near a thermoformed edge by traditional mechanical means. Cutting at multiple levels or near edges is accomplished by making laser programming adjustments.

• Difficult to punch elastomeric thin films. Thin flexible films require the matched metal trim tooling to have very small punch to die clearances, making the tooling expensive and risky to build. We can easily trim and drill the thinnest and most flexible film you can find with our laser.

• Small holes and intricate patterns. Laser trimming allows us to drill small holes (down to 0.2 mm in diameter) reliably and inexpensively. Mechanically punching such small holes or features may not be possible or practical, but it’s not a problem with our laser! Please contact us with your trimming challenge and we’ll see if laser cutting is the answer for you!

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