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Tek Pak's CP25 Cover tape is a transparent polyester film with static dissipative properties on both sides and heat sealable over a wide range of temperatures, thus making it immensely suitable for components in embossed Polystyrene, Homogenous Polystyrene and Polycarbonate carrier tapes.

The CP25 works very well for bare die taping, as it helps to eliminate the possibility of the die sticking to the bottom surface of the cover tape.

CP25 Cover Tape is wound on a 3" plastic core in all standard widths. Splice free rolls are available in 300 meter lengths.

Custom widths and lengths are available upon requests.
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Item #

Cover Tape Width

Carrier Tape Width

Rolls per Box

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N/A 5.3 mm N/A 8 mm N/A 20 Request Quote
N/A 9.2 mm N/A 12 mm N/A 32 Request Quote
N/A 13.3 mm N/A 16 mm N/A 15 Request Quote
N/A 21 mm N/A 24 mm N/A 10 Request Quote
N/A 25.5 mm N/A 32 mm N/A 10 Request Quote
N/A 37.5 mm N/A 44 mm N/A 5 Request Quote
N/A 49.5 mm N/A 56 mm N/A 4 Request Quote
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