Tek Pak, Inc. | Advancing the Science of Thermoforming
Tek Pak's new high-speed CNC machining center (Mikron HSM 800-42,000 rpm) now makes it possible for us to produce the highest quality mold cavities. Even production molds with dozens of cavities are no challenge for this amazing, pallet-equipped machining center. So when you want mold cavities that are of the highest quality, competitively priced and delivered fast, the answer is simple: Tek Pak.
Unit of Measure

High Speed Machining Power

N/A Mikron is recognized worldwide as the pioneer in high-speed, CNC milling machinery. The cutting edge technology in Tek Pak's 42,000 rpm Mikron HSM 800 machining center produces superior precision (±0.0005"), accuracy and surface finish. And the HSM 800 is pallet equipped and designed for high volume production. This means that mold cavities created at Tek Pak are produced identically, accurately and quickly.

In Cavity Engraving

N/A Tek Pak can produce exceptionally crisp engraving with CNC machining, or by EDM if needed. We use the most up to date, cutting tool technologies to create the most intricate features possible for functional or decorative purposes.

Superior Surface Finish

N/A The surface finish created by the HSM 800 is so smooth that no polishing is required. And post machining bench work is practically eliminated. As a result, the total time required to complete cavities is reduced, permitting Tek Pak to offer shorter lead times and more competitive pricing.

Ready to Run

N/A Your mold cavities will be ready to be placed into your production tooling upon receipt. Tek Pak will machine in all the holes and channels required for vacuum, venting, blow-off and cooling.