Tek Pak, Inc. | Advancing the Science of Thermoforming
Tek Pak has developed precision thermoforming technology to produce parts with the same level of intricacy and precision as injection molded parts. The lead time and cost savings associated with thermoforming over injection molding are substantial. For the most demanding applications, we have considerable experience with engineering and high-temperature resins like PBT, PC, PEI, PPE and PPO. The precision parts we produce are generally small in size (less than 100 mm x 100 mm) and cannot be produced by large-scale thermoforming equipment. Tek Pak precision thermoforms have gone into electronics, telecommunications, military, health care and medical applications.
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Machine Development and High Volume Production

N/A When the time comes to bring your precision-formed product to market, Tek Pak will design and build special equipment for high-volume production. We have engineered turn-key systems that customers operate in their facilities around the world, and we have also built equipment dedicated to manufacture the product in our facilities.