Tek Pak, Inc. | Advancing the Science of Thermoforming
Tek Pak specializes in developing thermoformed shapes from elastomeric films that go into healthcareproducts and medical devices. Forming and trimming flexible films can be difficult to do on traditionalthermoforming equipment, but Tek Pak's machinery is specially designed for flexibles. We can handlefilms as thin as 0.001". Tek Pak has formed products from:
  • EVA
  • TPU
  • Layered barrier films
  • Porous films

    Because of the proprietary nature of our projects we can't show any photos of the flexible productswe've produced for our clients, but rest assured that your project will have the same level ofconfidentiality.

    Flexible packaging for health care products and medical devices is starting to replace rigid tray packagingfor material, shipping, storage and disposal savings. In many cases, flexible packaging can be just asprotective as rigid packaging with all of the aforementioned advantages. Please contact us to help youwith your flexible packaging needs.
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