Tek Pak, Inc. | Advancing the Science of Thermoforming

Once Tek Pak develops a customer's product for market, we can go to the next step and manufacture the part in ramp-up and onto high-volume quantities. Whether or not we can go to high-volume production will depend on the nature of the product. Our specialty is to manufacture small, precise parts using high-performance or flexible films. For larger thermoforms that are produced from commodity films and sheet, we will assist in transferring high-volume production to one of our thermoforming partners.

Tek Pak manufactures product lines for several well-known companies. Due to our confidentiality policies and agreements, we don't divulge the products that we manufacture, nor do we advertise the companies that we serve. You can rest assured that your new product will remain top-secret with Tek Pak.

Please contact us to take your idea through product development and on to high-volume production.

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