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Pro Tek reel bands provide additional protection for components that are packaged in tape and reel. During shipping, storage, handling, and especially when reels are vacuum sealed into moisture barrier bags, the outer edges of the reels are subject to stresses that can potentially crush the carrier tape and damage the components inside. Pro Tek reel bands are designed to wrap around the outer layer of carrier tape to resist the compressive forces that carrier tape alone cannot withstand. The bands are composed of static-dissipative polystyrene to provide additional electrostatic protection. Pro Tek bands are supplied on 15" diameter reels and are available in lengths perforated for all TekSnap reel sizes: 13" (330 mm), 15" (380 mm), and 22" (560 mm) diameter.
Unit of Measure


Reel Sizes

N/A 15 in

Length Perforated for TekSnap Reel Size

N/A 13 in15 in22 in


N/A 12.3 mm16.3 mm24.3 mm32.3 mm44.3 mm56.3 mm72.3 mm
Thickness1 N/A 1 mm
Band Length (-0.0 ± 0.005 m)2 N/A 1.09 m1.25 m1.81 m

TekSnap Reel Size

N/A 13 Inch15 Inch22 Inch
  • 1 ± 0.1 mm
  • 2 -0.0/+.005 m