Tek Pak, Inc. | Advancing the Science of Thermoforming
For Connectors and Odd-Form Components
The Tek Pak3 System is a comprehensive packaging and handling solution for connectors and other odd-form components for the electronics industry.
Unit of Measure

Carrier Tape


  • Perfect for high-volume automation
  • No part too difficult to package
  • Tek Pak has produced nearly 10,000 custom tools for odd-form components
  • 24-hour tooling available

Thermoformed Trays


  • Replaces injection molded JEDEC trays
  • Can be used for automatic pick and place operations
  • Available in EIA-948 format
  • 5-Day tooling available

Mini Shipper


  • Carrier tape/tray hybrid with snap-on cover for shipping small quantities of parts
  • Rigid like a tray, but adjustable in length like carrier tape
  • Safely ship and protect a few parts without the waste of a mostly unfilled tray.
  • 3-Day tooling available